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OZ $250
QP $550
HP $900
1P $1800


                                                                                shark gumbo

shark Gumbo effects are mostly calming . Gumbo is a perfect medicine for the evenings furthermore it  has a smooth taste and finish . Gumbo is great for treatment of muscle spasms, sleeplessness, helpful with overall pain . it can be use as well serving as an appetite stimulant. This strain produces relaxing and sleepy indica effects. Gumbo features a piney aroma with a smooth finish. Medical marijuana patients who suffer from aches and pains tell us they often choose Gumbo. This strain has a reputation for increasing appetite. so make sure you keep some snacks handy while you partake. According to growers, Gumbo flowers come into colorful nugs with hues of purple, blue, and dark green . with all the above average trichome coverage. The original breeder of Gumbo is unknown.

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