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chemistry carts

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                                                             Buy Chemistry carts

Buy Chemistry carts is a California-based cannabis brand and has a wide variety of products. Here we picked up their line, Chemistry cartridges. These turned out to be great and we are therefore adding them to our list of the best THC carts in California list. Furthermore, here we’ll talk about our experience and its pros and cons but in general, a great cartridge.

Pros: Great taste Nice strength Quality oil CCELL hardware Cartridge filled very generously

Cons: Low THC percentage

Not knowing what to expect, these cartridges turned out to be amazing quality all around. Good hardware, great quality oil, and very flavorful taste. Everything about the cartridge is great. Even though the THC percentage seems low at 75%, the cartridge still delivered excellent strength.

Having tried many cartridges with a way higher percentage, I didn’t expect much strength. But the strength is actually a lot better than I expected and beats out West Coast Cure pod handily that was in the high 80s.

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