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buddies carts

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                                                               buy buddies carts

buy buddies is a West Coast Cannabis Brand rooted to the core elements of cannabis. With over 20 years experience in
cultivation and processing, Buddies understands the craftsmanship that’s pushed the evolution of our industry to
what we all know it to be today. Buddies is a brand you can always rely on to represent a genuine cannabis experience. Let our decades of knowledge be the comfort in your selection of a cannabis brand.

Buddies currently offer distillate with cannabis-derived terpenes and liquid diamonds live resin cartridges and Pax pods as well as concentrates and THC gel caps. This is the first time I’m trying the Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds cartridge. For this review, I will be looking at the pros and cons of the Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds cartridge. Pros: Excellent oil quality Great potency/effects One of the tastiest live resin cartridges Efficient C-Cell hardware Cons: Oil burns a little fast  Cart is not glass

The build quality and design are solid and efficient with standard CCell hardware; however, the cart is not made out of glass. Its hardware is similar to Select carts with the plastic tip, although it does not have a Buddies logo. Overall, I had no major issues with the airflow and/or hardware throughout most of the cartridge.

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